Why You Need A Website For Your Business

Why You Need A Website For Your Small Business A website is a web page or a collection of web pages on the World Wide Web that holds and displays specific information of a person or business can be access through a common Uniform Resource Locator (URL) like www.yourbusiness.com As a business you need to understand the 4 Ps of marketing which is Product, Price, Place or Position and Promotion. The Place in the 4Ps of Marketing. This generally means...

How to Drive Customers to Your Business

How to Drive Customers to Your Business Dear fellow Entrepreneurs, warm greetings and I bring good tidings even with the huge impact of #coronavirus aka Covid_19 to both our economy and businesses. Am sure a lot of us have taken off for the year already and some like me may still be strategizing while selling. Having gone far into our financial year, it is expedient to have a strategy session even if it is by yourself as an Entrepreneur, or...

Empowering your Sales force to increase revenue!

Sales and Marketing has transformed. Prospects have taken control of the purchasing process, venturing further down the sales funnel without ever speaking to a sales representative. They go online to create and validate their vendor shortlist—typically without assistance. Social media and eCommerce has created a change in the market and So we believe that it is high time business owners, started re-evaluating the tools their sales team work with , that's if you have not done so by now....

Social Media Engagement

The speed at which we do business, and the number of channels we’re using to do it, is rapidly increasing. Your customers and employees have many choices when it comes to communicating, and social media channels are key components of the customer journey. It's crucial that today's organizations embrace social as a key aspect of digital transformation, rethinking how they approach customers as well as internal communication. 

Simplify Your Business Processes From Quotation To cash Without Switching Applications. #Microsoft Dynamics 365!

Contact us to show you how easy it is to simplify your business processes when you can go from quote to cash without switching applications. Set up customers or vendors, create quotes, process orders, and submit invoices without leaving your inbox.

Leveraging Technology for your MSME Business by Scimitar Global Services Limited

Register for our Smart Business Tour for SMEs. I am working in partnership with Nigeria Association of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (NASME Lagos) in an MSME Smart Business Tour organized by #NASME Leadership in one of its many empowerment programs planned for its members in 2017. Scimitar Global Services and Microsoft will be hosting the members of NASME Lagos.is the post excerpt.