How To Effectively Setup, Launch And Manage A Remote Call Center Solution For Your Business

How to effectively setup, launch and manage your remote call center for your Business  With the advent of corona virus pandemic newbie aka COVID-19, a lot of businesses were forced to shut down their operations as directed by World Health Organization (WHO) and Governments in order to flatten the curve of infection and reduce the spread of the virus.   While some businesses may not really be affected as they fall within the allowed number of staff and can still practice...

How to Drive Customers to Your Business

How to Drive Customers to Your Business Dear fellow Entrepreneurs, warm greetings and I bring good tidings even with the huge impact of #coronavirus aka Covid_19 to both our economy and businesses. Am sure a lot of us have taken off for the year already and some like me may still be strategizing while selling. Having gone far into our financial year, it is expedient to have a strategy session even if it is by yourself as an Entrepreneur, or...

The entrepreneur and ICT

Ignite your business with our Smart Business Solutions. Register now for our Smart MSME Business round table for June and July. Let us brainstorm together and strategize  with you on how to leverage Smart Business tools to automate and market your business for more customers and more revenue. Find out more here: #MSME #SME #smartmessage #smallbusiness #communicationiskey #Solutions #ModernBusinessSolutions

Basic Tools And Services An Entrepreneur Needs for His/Her Business!

As an Entrepreneur, it is expedient that you set your business on the path that guarantees productivity by leveraging technology that ensues trust, supports collaboration with continuous improvement; As you must have to stay connected with both your employees and clients whether you’re working remotely or onsite. So are you: a Start up business in Nigeria with no online presence and registered business name? An existing Small & Medium and Enterprise Business (Professional services etc.) still using free email service...

Leveraging Technology for your MSME Business by Scimitar Global Services Limited

Register for our Smart Business Tour for SMEs. I am working in partnership with Nigeria Association of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (NASME Lagos) in an MSME Smart Business Tour organized by #NASME Leadership in one of its many empowerment programs planned for its members in 2017. Scimitar Global Services and Microsoft will be hosting the members of NASME the post excerpt.