Freetel Ice 3 white

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Product Description

Plenty of batteries, with colorful cover. A smart phone that enjoys freedom.


Even though it is light, it is very long lasting. Large capacity battery installed. Equipped with overwhelming large capacity battery. You can enjoy the Internet and applications altogether without worrying about the remaining battery power.


It moves crisply. Combined with MediaTek’s 1.2 GHz Single core, RAM 1GB is installed for comfortable operation. Also equipped with ROM 8GB.


A colorful 5 inch HD display that fits your hands .

While compact body, large screen 5.0 inches HD display. Favorite videos and memories’ pictures are high-definition and colorful. Every day becomes more fun.


The operation screen born from the customer’s voice further evolved.

FREETEL proprietary interface “”FREETEL UI”” further evolved, including a telephone application that can instantly use “”FREETEL Denwa””, including volume adjustment, screen shooting from any screen, “”FREETEL Key”” which can use the navigation bar. It became easier to use. The calling function at “”FREETEL Denwa”” which makes the calling fee is added, making the FREETEL 3 application easier to use.

By using “”FREETEL Key””, you can instantly use volume control, screen shooting, navigation bar, etc. from any screen. Instant access to features you use everyday. Swipe up launcher, movie screen capture etc loaded.


A high performance camera with 8MP is installed. Self-filming with Selphy camera is also beautiful. Main camera 8MP, sub camera 2MP mounted. In addition to the auto mode corresponding to the scene, various shooting functions such as beautiful skin mode and panoramic mode are enriched.


Both the PC and the tablet connect with anywhere Freetel ICE 3 is. With a tethering function, you can easily connect a PC, tablet, game console, etc. equipped with wireless LAN function to the Internet even on the road or at a travel destination

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